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  • Naomi is challenging , motivating and encouraging as an trainer. She's bubbly, fun and always helps you to see it can be done, even though my body says it can't! Makes sure your doing exercises correctly to limit injuries , Shes positively great and will get the best out of anyone . Love her to bits!! Great Role model ?

    • Naomi.... Where do I even start ?? I have been attending Naomi's classes for over 8 years now. The reason I have been going to her classes for this long is simple.... not only is it an excellent total body workout with a very professional fitness instructor, it is great fun at the same time. Naomi is always in a very good and positive frame of mind, smiling and highly motivating. She will make you really sweat whilst teaching a wide variety of classes. If you want to work hard but have fun with great results, Naomi is the ONE ??

    • Quote..."I first attended Naomi's classes around 12 years ago, and was seriously impressed by her classes, they are dynamic, challenging and fun. She is passionate about fitness and exercise and all her classes are motivating and well coordinated. So If you want to lose weight, get fit and strong then Naomi will definitely help you to reach your goals". ?????

      Trisha McCauley
    • 24/04/2016, 16:43:59: Sally Fit Club: Naomi has inspired me from the very first day I met her . When ever I'm tired she always says finish the set, stay on track and she reminds me to get motivated to move. She also commits to being the best version of everyone .As an trainer she makes sure that everyone leaves her feeling that they have achieve their goal.

      • I've been going to Naomi for my fitness regime for over ten years, and this is because she is excellent fitness instructor. She keeps each session interesting and motivate you to push yourself . She is a big inspiration to me and to others.

      • I know Naomi for about 7-8 years and she is one of the most motivated and professional trainers I have ever met. Started to come to her classes to the gym and still do, every week with a great pleasure as each class is different, focused and hard work..and that's what I love to work hard to achieve the results. When I started to train with her as my personal trainer to get leaner and have six pack , she was always there for me giving me advice on training and healthy eating . I even had to send her my daily food intake pictures to make sure I was eating right and enough to achieve a lean strong body . She is a brilliant trainer, motivator and friend who works hard and is always there for you.